cooking oil

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Otago Vacuum Tank Services offers a free collection service of your used cooking waste oil and cooking fats. Depending on the volume of used cooking oil produced, OVTS can supply your business with a 20Lt tin or a 44 gallon drum. All used cooking waste oil and fats are then sustainably reused here in the South Island to create Bio-Diesel that stays in New Zealand to benefit a variety of Kiwi owned and operated businesses.

We keep our customers on a regular scheduled pick-up cycle, so you never have to worry about ringing to schedule a pick up. OVTS also have a drop off point at our office for any unwanted residential used cooking waste oil and cooking fats at 11 Rohais Place, Sawyers Bay.

We also offer a competitive price for the clean of your business' grease trap, when combined with the collection of your cooking waste oil so call us now for a quote of booking.

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