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Water Tank Cleaning

OVTS are experienced in cleaning residential water tanks, and all types of commercial and industrial tanks used for wash down or irrigation purposes.

If you live rurally or in an area where you need your own water supply, you most likely have a water tank or tanks connected to your roof collecting rainwater or connected to a bore or well. Over time bacteria, sludge, sediment and other unwanted nasties can build up in your tank, which can affect the quality, taste and pressure or flow of your water. Regular cleaning and maintenance are important to ensure the safety of the water of you are using and will also help prevent any blockages to ensure the maximum flow of clean water through your water tank.

Our team is highly trained in providing an efficient and hygienic clean for your water tank(s). We perform a confined space entry into your tank to vacuum and waterblast the inside. Operators wear protective, hygienic gear inside of your tank and use all appropriate safety measures prior to exiting to ensure no bugs have been introduced to your tank during the cleaning process. We are then able to refill your freshly clean water tank with fresh drinking water using our 15,000Lt Water Delivery Truck. 

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